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The Secret of Gaining Abundant Life – Benoy James

The Humble Beginning of Austin CFC – Benoy James & Josh McGuire

Zac Poonen Austin Conference – Sep 24-25, 2022

Theme: Title, by bro. Zac Poonen

1. God’s Sovereign Power Over All People Watch
2. Jesus Came to Call Sinners to Repentance Watch
3. We Have a Father in Heaven Watch
4. Q&A Session Watch

Weekend of Fellowship – Nov. 13-14, 2021

Theme: Securing Undistracted Devotion to Christ, by bro. Santosh Poonen

1. A Passion to Win Christ Watch
2. Radiating the Joy of God Watch
3. Drawn to Jesus by the Holy Spirit Watch

Weekend of Fellowship – Nov. 9-10, 2019

Theme: Being Ready for Christ’s Return, by bro. Santosh Poonen

1. Knowing the True Jesus Watch
2. Loving the Truth So As to be Saved Watch
3. Decreasing So That Christ Can Increase Watch

Zac Poonen Austin Conference – May 4-5, 2019

Theme: Patiently Pressing On to Perfection, by bro. Zac Poonen

1. God’s Destination for Man Watch
2. Patience in Trials Watch
3. Q/A Session Watch
4. Love in Two Directions Watch
5. The Way to Cups Running Over Watch
6. Discipline In Our Family Life Watch

Weekend of Fellowship – Nov. 10-11, 2018

Theme: The Church – A Bride in All Her Glory (Eph 5:27), by bro. Santosh Poonen

1. Dying with Jesus Watch
2. Dining with Jesus Watch
3. Reigning with Jesus Watch

Zac Poonen Austin CFC Conference – June 9-10, 2018

Theme: Jesus Our Forerunner, by bro. Zac Poonen

1. Three Titles of Jesus Watch
2. Jesus Was Tempted Exactly Like Us Watch
3. 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration – Q/A with Bro. Zac and Sister Annie Watch
4. Humbling Ourselves As Jesus Did Watch
5. What Christ Actually Suffered On The Cross Watch
6. You cannot Serve God and Earthly Wealth Watch

Weekend of Fellowship – Oct. 28-29, 2017

Theme: Living in the Kingdom of Heaven, by bro. Santosh Poonen

1. Entering Like a Little Child Watch
2. Walking with Power in the Inner Man Watch
3. Building the Body of Christ Watch

Zac Poonen Austin Conference – June 24-25, 2017

Theme: Seeing Things from God’s Perspective, by bro. Zac Poonen

1. The Change in the New Covenant Watch
2. Presenting Our Body and Mind to God Watch
3. Seeing Material Things from God’s Viewpoint Watch
4. God is a Loving Father Watch
5. The Church is a Witness to Satan Watch
6. Questions & Answers Watch

Weekend of Fellowship – Nov. 12-13, 2016

Theme: Let Us Press On To Perfection, by bro. Santosh Poonen

1. Perfect Redemption Watch
2. Perfect Rejoicing Watch
3. Perfect Rest Watch

Zac Poonen Austin Conference – July 16-17, 2016

Theme: Building Fellowship and the Body of Christ, by bro. Zac Poonen

1. Fellowship With God and With One Another Watch
2. The Maximum Christian and the Way of the Cross Watch
3. Built Together in Christ’s Body Watch
4. Humility, Submission, and Contentment Watch
5. Five Truths and Eight Confessions Watch
6. Questions & Answers Watch

*A recording of the music from the conference is available upon request; please email us at for a link.

Weekend of Fellowship – Nov. 7-8, 2015

Theme: Destroying the Works of the Devil, by bro. Santosh Poonen

1. Redeeming What was Stolen by the Thief Watch
2. Being Freed From the Lie of the Deceiver Watch
3. Having Authority Over the Accuser Watch

Zac Poonen Austin Conference – July 11-12, 2015

Theme: A Better Covenant, by bro. Zac Poonen

  1. Giving Thanks for Everything                                                                Watch     Listen
  2. An Overcoming Life                                                                                 Watch     Listen
  3. A Godly Family                                                                                          Watch     Listen
  4. The Kingdom of Heaven                                                                         Watch     Listen
  5. The Violent Possess the Kingdom                                                         Watch     Listen
  6. A Testimony for Christ in the Last Days                                              Watch     Listen

Weekend of Fellowship – Nov. 8-9, 2014

Theme: When We Put Jesus First In Everything by bro. Santosh Poonen

  1. Brokenness and Faith                                                                              Watch
  2. Spiritual Authority                                                                                   Watch
  3. Victory Through Christ-Centeredness                                                 Watch

Zac Poonen Austin Conference – July. 12-13, 2014

Theme: God’s Eternal Purpose by bro. Zac Poonen

  1. A testimony to  Satan                                                                                 Watch
  2. Through the power of the Spirit                                                              Watch
  3. Living in God’s presence                                                                           Watch
  4. Jesus our Forerunner                                                                                 Watch

Weekend of Fellowship – Nov. 9-10, 2013

Theme: Eternal Life is to know God by bro. Santosh Poonen

  1. Foundation in the Father’s love                                                                  Watch

2. Fellowship with Jesus                                                                                  Watch

  1. Filled with the Holy Spirit                                                                           Watch

Weekend of Fellowship – Nov. 10-11, 2012

Theme: Preparing Our Heart to Build the Church  by bro. Santosh Poonen

  1. Following Jesus’ Example in Sonship                                                        Watch

2. Following Jesus’ Example in Faith and Worship                                     Watch

  1. An Impossible-Working God                                                                       Watch

The Truth Will Set You Free

July 4th Weekend, 2009

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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