Our Vision

In August 2012, the Lord brought together a few families as the beginning of Austin CFC. Our Savior’s work in building His church in the Austin area had already begun long before their coming together.  Most of them had been introduced to the New Covenant life through the ministry of Brother Zac Poonen and CFC Bangalore; however, a vital piece of the puzzle was missing for them: the New Wineskin. The Lord’s bringing together His body in central Texas was an answer to years of prayers. CFC is not a denomination; Austin CFC and CFC Bangalore are completely independent churches. Austin CFC is extremely thankful for the burden CFC Bangalore had to share its vision and example with the rest of the world, and has benefited tremendously from this ministry. Although independent, the two churches do share a common vision:

To demonstrate and proclaim the new wine (the life of Jesus and the Divine nature) in a new wineskin (the local church as an expression of the Body of Christ, built according to the New Covenant pattern).

CFC Vision

To get the full picture of the Lord’s work in building His churches, we encourage you to start from the beginning of this vision back in August 1975:  https://cfcindia.com/our-vision

May Jesus Christ be honored and glorified and worshipped. He is worthy.